The artists

The « Pitanga » is a Brazilian exotic fruit, a small bomb of taste and vitamins. « circoPitanga », the name chosen during a stay in Bahia, is the fruit of the meeting of two unusual, determined and complementary persons.

Daughter of Swiss parents, Loïse Haenni was born near Adelaide in Australia and then grew up in the Swiss Alps. Being a creative person, she developed from small age a taste for artistic activities and learned to play the cello, to design and create her clothes and later costumes. Next to that, she also enjoyed practicing gymnastics, trampoline, dance and martial arts.

These ingredients combined with university studies in Social Sciences and 6 languages spoken fluently, made her a curious person, always ready for new challenges, and Circus was the greatest of them all!

Of Israeli mother and Polish-Argentine father, Oren Schreiber was born and raised in Tel Aviv. After several yoga workshops in the Ashram Omkarananda in India, Oren graduated in Israel as a senior yoga teacher in the „Wingate Institute” in Netanya and taught for three years in schools in Tel Aviv. His life took a decisive turn when he assisted a performance of vertical rope in his own city. Fascinated, he decided to give his life a  change and to make it his job. He started aerial classes in the circus school Carampa in Madrid, and then traveled to the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro, where he met Loïse.

To create, travel and discover … these are perhaps the three key words reflecting what circus is to them. A world really full of surprises and emotions!