“Cordes Nuptiales” – (Nuptial Ropes)

A naive couple is preparing for the most important moment, his wedding. But a bit of rush and the most ridiculous situations are around the corner… Only her mischievousness and his strength bring them to a … happy end? “Nuptial Ropes” is a tribute to love and candor which save couples from the riskiest situations!

« Nuptial Ropes » is a nouveau cirque performance, presenting the wedding thrill through living puppets. A unique creation combining physical theater with partner and air acrobatics, mime and clown.

The show designed for circus, street and theater as well as overseas travelling.


Artistic Rider

Title: “Cordes Nuptiales” (Nuptial Ropes)
Gender: Aerial and hand to hand acrobatics, theater, clown and mime
Duration: 8 / 25 / 45 minutes
For all ages

Original idea: circoPitanga
Directed by Yevgeni Mayorga
With: Loïse Haenni & Oren Schreiber
Costumes: Małgorzata Tarasewicz

In collaboration with Theater Les Halles (Sierre), Switzerland & L’Espace Catastrophe, Centre de Création des Arts du Cirque, Belgium

Video: La Lune Urbaine