Welcome to the fantastic and chaotic world of a small independent circus of the 1920s!

Welcome to *CIRCUS* a black and white acrobatic film, a vintage and glamorous high-flying show in a surreal world full of fleas, flakes, acrobatics and surprises …

Louis Cyr, now director of a small circus, has lost all his strength and no longer knows what to do to save the show. His tricks are misarable, his suit wretched and his animals are becoming every day more rebellious and dangerous. Furthermore, instead of cooperating properly, his lovely assistant Miss Lilly tends to be creating extra trouble… unless?

The show *CIRCUS* is designed to be performed both in- and outdoors.


Circus – theater performance for all public
50-60 min
Art direction: Darek Skibinski
With Loïse Haenni & Oren Schreiber
In collaboration with WERTEP – International Theatre Festival – A3Teatr
Technics: solo and duo on (multi-)rope(s), hand to hand and a touch of magic


The idea of creating a show like *CIRCUS* was born in 2013 during the Wertep Festival, directed by Darek Skibinski of A3teatr, which  takes place every year in small villages in the east of Poland, 3 km from the Belarusian border. A beautiful place in the world’s largest bison nature reserve, with caring and available people; an ideal place for the creation of a show! We would like to thank all those who participated in this project and who, through their artistic views and professionalism participated in the creation of a fresh and fiery spectacle. To be enjoyed alone, with family or friends!