Welcome to the circus-theatre shows of the swiss duo circoPitanga! The aesthetic of the narration and the international background of the artists gives the performances a unique touch of humour, glamour and poetry. Visual and fantastic universes presented each year in over 10 European countries and overseas… creations dedicated to all publics: delightful, delicate and extremely entertaining!

“Nuptial Ropes”
When the wedding holds to a thread…

Circus-Theater, 8 / 25 / 45 minutes
Direction: Yevgeni Mayorga
Costumes: Malgorzata Tarasewicz
Collaboration: L’Espace Catastrophe, Centre de Création des Arts du Cirque (BE)
For all / families
in-/ outdoor
CREATION 2014-2015
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Welcome in the fantastic world of a small circus of the 1920’s…

Circus-Theater, 55  minutes
Direction: Darek Skibinski
Costumes: Malgorzata Tarasewicz, Loïse Haenni
Collaboration: A3Teatr, Poland
For all / families
in-/ outdoor
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“Summer Dreams”
Love versus Gravity, an aerial romance told through the art of acrobatics

Circus-Theater, 50 minutes
Direction: MiloeOlivia
Adaptation: Yevgeni Mayorga
For all / adultes
in-/ outdoor
CREATION 2011-2012
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