« People may say I can’t sing, but no one can ever say I didn’t sing ». Inspired by the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, “Delirico” questions the art and its interpretation both from the artists’ and audience’s point of view… 


Finally! Today Ornella Strozzi thinks she is eventually ready (or so she feels) to open the doors of her great Opera to her public! Ornella dreams to be a Prima Donna. But despite the constant care of her faithful manservant, her dream will quickly turn into an utterly incredible and mystical delirium…

In a tragi-comic baroque ambiance, “Delirico” explores the boundaries between fantasy and realities, dementia and awareness, rebellion and conformity… after removing the fleas from the wig, of course… A tendre, irreverent and wacky show!

circoPitanga reveals in this fourth creation a sensitive and fragile clown but simultaneously of a devastating exuberance. A true Schizophonia and total delight!

The show “Delirico” is designed to be performed both in- and outdoors. For more information,


  • Gender: Circus – Theater
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Artistic Direction: Yevgeni Mayorga
  • By and with Loïse Haenni & Oren Schreiber
  • Technics: Physical theater, partner acrobatics (ground and air), live music and singing, knives throwing
  • Recommended for all ages 7 upwards
  • In- and Outdoor
  • Creation 2019-2020