The company

The story of circoPitanga is, like every story, a unique story. But what characterizes it perhaps the most is its multicultural background and various influences that give it both a diversified yet universal composition.

Loïse Haenni and Oren Schreiber, both co-founders of the company, met in the National Circus School in Rio de Janeiro in 2008. Shortly after, they started training together and decided to create a first show “Rêves d’été“ (Summer dreams) in Buenos Aires. After presenting it over three years in 15 countries of Europe, they created in 2014 two new shows: *CIRCUS* and “Nuptial Ropes”, presented in première in the Daigdogei WorldCup in Shizuoka, Japan.

Passionate about acrobatic duos, Loïse and Oren worked on a specific technique of portées on a single attachment point. Designing their path, they studied with different teachers around the world, from Rio de Janeiro to Brussels, passing by Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Turin and Moscow.

The influences of different cultural experiences, backgrounds and techniques reflect, on the original style of the performances but especially on the capacity of the artists to recreate universal emotions through body language in a subtle, poetic and always accessible and entertaining way.


2014: Creation *CIRCUS* under the direction of Darek Skibinski, A3Teatr, Hajnowka, Poland
2014: Creation “Cordes Nuptiales” under the direction of Yevgeni Mayorga, L’espace Catastrophe, Belgium
2013: Classes with Yuri Sakalov & Vyacheslav Kukushkin, Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque, Brussels, Belgium¨
2013: Theater adaptation of “Rêves d’été” under the direction of Yevgeni Mayorga
2012: Classes with Irina Teplova & Mixail  lvov, National School of Circus Arts, Moscow, Russia
2011: Creation ”Rêves d’été” with MiloeOlivia in Chapitombolo, Monale, Italy
2010: Training and classes with Fernando Melki in La central del circ, BarcelonaSpain
2009: Training and creation in Circo criollo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2008: Technical workshop in the National circus school (ENC), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil