« Rêves d’été »

Love versus Gravity, an aerial romance told through the art of acrobatics

Rêves d’été is an exceptional show – both for the technical prowess of the two artists and the intensity with which they interpret their characters. A sensitive and passionate melodrama, intelligently integrating circus and theatre, poetry and innovative techniques. “ – M. Scotton

What happens when we feel that the everyday weighs too heavily, but the fear of change is heavier still t? One day she decides to take the step, make the change and go. But it is far from her imagining of the future that by running away she will only be facing herself, facing him, and their dreams…

The show “Rêves d’été” is designed to be performed both in- and outdoors.


Gender: Circus – theater
Duration: 25-45 minutes (street), 60 minutes (theater), All public
Artistic Direction: MiloeOlivia
Theater Adaptation : Yevgeni Mayorga
By and with Loïse Haenni & Oren Schreiber
Technics: Duo on rope and silks, aerial solos and hand to hand acrobatics

For all

What makes “Rêves d’été” a deeply romantic show is certainly linked to its history. This show really was a dream come true: to be able to change their lives by daring to start a new, fully unknown adventure, the one of the Circus and Performing Arts. Thus, the structure of the show gradually evolved along with the dream of the performers during the first two years of its presentation. In 2011, MiloeOlivia, two artists and administrators of Turin, redeveloped the show to intensify the acting and refine the dramatic framework. Two years later, the stage adaptation will be performed under the eye of director Yevgeni Mayorga in Valencia, Spain. To be savoured like a Summer Dream!